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ASAIR Electronics provides a special differential pressure sensor for ventilator

Release Time:2020-07-21 Reading Volume:0

The WHO epidemic report shows that as of 10:00 on July 20, Central European time, the number of confirmed cases of new crowns worldwide increased by 22,9780 compared with the previous day, reaching 14,348,858; death cases increased by 5111 from the previous day, reaching 6,03691. The global spread of the new crown epidemic has prevented manufacturers of household ventilators from delivering snowflake-like orders in time.

The differential pressure sensor ADP series is the latest generation of differential pressure sensor products of ASAIR Electronics. The response speed meets the demanding requirements of medical ventilators. The ADP series shell is durable, made of chemically resistant PPS, wide range ratio, low zero drift, and excellent long-term stability; its small and cost-effective design makes it a solution for price-sensitive applications and can be applied In the fields of home care ventilation, intensive care ventilation (ICU), medical treatment and HVAC.

ADP series of electronic differential pressure sensors, fully calibrated and temperature compensated sensors can provide high-precision and high-resolution measurements, especially in the case of low differential pressure. Even in harsh environments, the operation is equally safe and reliable. In addition, the ADP series can withstand high instantaneous pressure, and is insensitive to the influence of installation direction and vibration.

AFM3000 series flow sensor

In addition, the flow sensor AFM3000 of ASAIR Electronics has stable performance and high measurement accuracy, and the product series meets the differentiated needs of downstream ventilator production, and is favored and welcomed by downstream ventilator manufacturers.

ASAIR Electronics is one of the few companies in the world with a full industrial chain of MEMS semiconductor smart sensors (IDM). It has self-developed and manufactured ventilator differential pressure sensor chips and advanced MEMS semiconductor manufacturing process production lines, which can meet the mass production of downstream customers Demand and supply. ASAIR Electronics has nearly 20 years of sensor research and development experience, and provides customers with special flow sensors and differential pressure sensors for ventilators. These sensors have the advantages of strong anti-interference, fast response, high measurement accuracy, and good stability, and the products are of high quality and low price. They are the first choice for medical equipment OEMs.

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